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The World Created by Mercedes Lackey

The World of Velgarth
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The Velgarth Community

This community is for anyone who has fallen in love with the series of books set in the world of Velgarth, by Mercedes Lackey. The realms of Velgarth include much, much more than the popularized monarchy of Valdemar, including Rethwellen, Hardorn, the Dorisha Plains, Karse, Iften, the Haighlei Empire, and many more. Velgarth is a fantasy world full of magic, Companions, gryphons, the ever-popular Heralds, and a wealth of detail and cultures. For more information on Velgarth, please go read the books! Our recommended reading is that you start with the Mage Wars trilogy, beginning with The Black Gryphon. Misty's books can be found at any major book store, or at your local library, in the sci-fi/fantasy section.

This community is a place to talk about favourite characters or scenes, post critiques or reviews, ask questions about parts that are confusing or errors in continuity, talk about news and rumours of upcoming books and music, speculate on future plots or what happens behind the scenes (but do not post how you would write it), discuss about the cultures and real-world referances Misty uses to develope her world, and marvel at the intricacy and detailed foreshadowing she includes in her plots. Our community is also an excelent place to post about costuming ideas, recipies, music, links, jewelry, or any other Velgarth related materials.

Our community is open and we welcome anyone to join us. However, we do have a few simple guidelines for posters to follow:

1. No roleplaying. This community is to discuss the characters and storylines as they happen in the books, not to create your own. Mercedes Lackey has specifically forbidden roleplaying games of any sort, to prevent complications in the event that she wants to create one of her own some day.

2. No fan fiction This should be implied with the rule about roleplaying, but it bears repeating. You may be a very talented writer, but using parts of Misty's world is theft of intellectual property.

3. Fan art is acceptable. All fan art that contains specific characters, races or places created by Mercedes Lackey needs to contain a copyright watermark. Please do not post pictures of personal characters from your roleplay or fan fiction.

4. Do not distribute © material. This includes typing up books or parts of books (though quoting is acceptable), pdfs of books, lyrics, or other writen material, mp3s of any sort, cover or chapter illustrations. In specific, do not post any and all intelectual property of Mercedes Lackey, Jody Lee, Larry Dixon, Firebird Arts, or anything you do not have written permission to distrubute from the creator.

5. Be polite. In discussions and debates, opposing opinions are bound to happen. Please be respectful of other peoples ideas, interpretations, and beliefs.

6. Have fun. Quizzes, trivia questions, contests, etc are more welcome. It’s a great way to get people involved with the community and really get into Velgarth.

This community is based on Mercedes Lackey’s world of Velgarth. It is co-owned and maintained by poeticdragon and ravynwolf; any questions or concerns about the community can be directed towards one of us.

Velgarth, Valdamar, Heralds, Companions and everything else is © Mercedes Lackey. Go buy her stuff!

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