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FILK: Battle Dawn performed by Shandeen O'Neill - Velgarth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The World of Velgarth

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FILK: Battle Dawn performed by Shandeen O'Neill [Jan. 4th, 2007|08:49 pm]
The World of Velgarth


I recently got the last of the Velgarth related filk music I was missing from Firebird Arts & Music. I uploaded it all to my computer, and set it to play. So there I am at work, when suddenly this song comes on, that just BLOWS me away. Song Track search, I discover this little song is called "Battle Dawn" from the Lovers, Lore & Loss CD. It's sung by Shandeen O'Neill, and the song is from the point of view of Queen Selenay struggling to walk the fine line between the rage she has for Ancar for what he did to Talia, and still be a ruler.

Here's a snippet of the first couple of verses:

I must contain my anger, or I won't control my power
But gods how long I've waited, just to see this very hour
It's just as well I'm not the one who could cause a storm of fire
Or I would turn this battle plain into your funeral pyre...

The priests all say I must not hate, But I will not pretend,
I saw the wreck you made of her, my herald and my friend
The scars you left in flesh and soul will be so slow to fade
Oh would I had your coward heart beneath my naked blade.

I've always found the Velgarth filk to be hit and miss. Some have nice melodies but the singers kill the song (I absolutely HATE the singer for Talia). Others great singing, so-so lyrics/melody. Why? Because for the most part in stead of getting great vocalists, most of the singers are "cast" to be a character. So that voice follows us across albums usually, whenever a song has a verse by a particular character. No matter the quality of the song, I've always felt them a treat to listen to. There's only a few songs that really stand out amongst the others, and this is one. Excellent melody and instrumentation (guitar), with an amazing voice. Gods, I broke out with goose bumps, and the hair on the back of my arms and neck stood on end, it's so POWERFUL.

So now, I'm on the hunt for more music by this artist. I've discovered that she does stuff in Celtic circles, and used to (or still does... not sure on this) front the band Falls Road. But I'm not having any luck finding any CD's, because she impressed me that much I now want to track down her full catalog and discography and buy it.

All I was able to find was a listing on Amazon, but it's not available (even used). I also found an article that she is also involved with an Irish Pub.

So I'm hoping since it's Misty related, someone might know something more?

[User Picture]From: twilightfalcon
2007-01-05 04:58 am (UTC)
Hmmm, I would recommend trying ebay or similar places. You said you already tried Amazon, and since they have a listing for her, it's likely her stuff is out of print. Maybe try a local record store and see if they can order it for you?
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[User Picture]From: harmonylover
2007-01-05 06:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've always liked her voice a lot, too. Post something if you ever find any more!
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-05-08 08:59 pm (UTC)


Shandeen here. I just had someone email me about this posting. She found it when googling me for some bizarre reason. Anyhoo, she said I should find it and respond. A year later, but here I am.
Thank you so much for your kind words about my vocals.

I have done studio work for the Misty albums, I am on the Leif Sorbye album : Across the Borders.

Jim Hughie's project : Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No -- available on itunes. I'm featured on the song "Beckon" as the lead.

Finally my own album Falls Road has surfaced in some interseting places -- china MP3 sites and Czech sites...
After two go-rounds with Atlantic and NEM records (starts and stops...our AR Rep being fired) I got tired and walked away. I sit in with bands locally in Portland and still do studio work.

I'm featured on the latest Funk Shui album and on a Clumsy Lovers live album -- the song is London Bridges (I think?)

I can be reached at Foinah@Gmail.com if anyone would like to contact me.

Again, I am deeply touched by all of your kind words regarding my vocals.
You made my day ;-)

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From: arthurpianta
2008-12-21 04:05 am (UTC)

Re: Shandeen

I have heard you singing Battle Dawn on YouTube and just have to say you have a wonderful voice, one of the best I have ever heard in my life. You really DID make the song come alive
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-08-25 09:27 pm (UTC)

Re: Shandeen

Again, thanks so much for the kind words!!!!

I just recently was pointed towards all the fan videos on youtube for Battle Dawn and Cost of the Crown.

Fun stuff.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-08-25 09:33 pm (UTC)

Shandeen CD's

The album by Falls Road is called Roisin Dubh : Behind the Wire

This is a Celtic Rock album (a bit on the heavier side), and I still have some CD's available.

Feel free to email me : Foinah@gmail.com

Also anyone who would like their copy of Lovers, Lore and Loss autographed by Queen Selenay...just email me and I'll be happy to oblige.


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